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Rod Rosenstein: Trump’s Toady?

Dear Mr. Rosenstein: I had never heard of you before your nomination to be Deputy Attorney General.

That’s probably a good sign for your reputation, going in:  when it comes to politics, I only know what I read in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and kindred Web outlets. My ignorance suggests you had never done anything newsworthy before appointment; which is kind of the way it should be for a dedicated public servant, eh?

Now I mostly read that you provided the President a convenient excuse to do what he wanted to do: fire the FBI Director investigating him for collusion with a hostile foreign power.

For shame.  Your reputation is in tatters, at least with me. Stooge would be the most favorable epithet I could apply.

What will you do to show that you are not Trump’s Toady?

Is that how you want to be remembered?  A good man going in, who buckled under the pressure of unexpected prominence? A servant, in the end, whatever his protests, of corruption in high office?

Say it isn’t so.

Better: to make it not so.

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