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Who and why

I retired from university teaching in 2016. Or rather, after three decades of university teaching, I’ve embarked on a permanent, unpaid sabbatical. I won’t be writing peer-reviewed journal articles anymore, but can’t imagine not writing. Solution: this website, intended as my personal publication outlet.

Caution: once a professor, always a professor. No one who knew me in high school would be surprised to learn that I went on to publish and not perish. After 50 years, I look like a professor, I talk like a professor, and I write like one too. If that’s to your taste, great; else, you’ve no shortage of other blogs to read.

Nonetheless, here I write for and reach out to a general audience. I want to be read. I have a lot to tell you.

  • If you are interested in my specialized scholarship in advertising, consumer behavior and marketing, you can see my curriculum vita here, or look up my profile on,, or Except for my books, I don’t plan to feature my scholarly work in marketing, advertising, or consumer behavior here.

Site organization

The categories in the navigation bar will point you to most of the content on the site. Items get posted on an irregular basis, when I have something to say. Although I’m using blogging software, in my mind I’m building out a library of content that may be of enduring interest. I expect most visitors to find the site by means of a search engine that brings up a particular post. Once you are here, I want you to be able to find other posts of interest.

This is not a traditional blog, in that I feel no obligation to  post content every day or on any regular schedule. The goal is to have a place to publish my writing, a place to store and keep accessible all that I’ve written, and a means to connect readers of any one thing I wrote to other material.

The remainder of this site organization section provides links to content that didn’t make it onto the navigation bar.

Reading Lists

Some of these are blog rolls, others are book reviews, and still others are more like annotated bibliographies.



Quotes and Jokes


Friends and family

Links only of interest if we know one another.


If you are a colleague or journalist, anyone to whom I might relate in a professional capacity, you can find my email easily enough.

If you’ve read something and want to respond, please post a comment.  I’ll respond in turn.

As to specific advice, please remember: I’ve retired. I only give individual advice to friends and family.